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Installed examples of our hand carved fireplaces
Here are more of our fireplaces which have been installed in private residences around the United States.

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view an enlarged photo of that particular fireplace style.
EC-L1 Acanthus  Arabescato Fireplace EC-L1  Acanthus Arabescato Fireplace
Arabescato Vagli Marble
Width: 75"
Height: 59"
Opening Width: 43"
Opening Height: 38"
EC-D2 Fireplace with Overmantel EC-D2  Elegant Fireplace with Overmantel
Rose Portuguese Marble
Overmantel with fluted columns
Fireplace width: 90"
Height: 59"
Overmantel height: 67" 
Opening Width: 44"
Opening Height: 28"
Doric columns  wrapped with deeply carved roses LC-P1   Doric Rose
Carrara Statuario Marble
Width: 66"
Height: 46"
Opening Width: 42"
Opening Height: 29"
Note the deeply carved roses on the Doric columns and across the face of this fireplace
Traditional Ionic design with carved roses LC-P1   Ionic Rose
Veined Carrara Statuario Marble
A variation on the design shown above, with ionic column capitals and a raised face mantel above the foliate carvings.
Custom large Baroque marble fireplace LF-50  Large Baroque
Carrara Statuario Marble
Width: 80"
Height: 65"
Matching inner surround sized to fit 30" x 46" insert
Ornate Rococo fireplace in statuary marble LF-S1  Rococo Ornate
Carrara Statuario Marble
Width: 73"
Height: 53"
Opening Width: 39"
Opening Height: 36"
English Fireplace in tan limestone ME-44  English Acanthus
French Beauvillon Limestone
Width: 57"
Height: 43"
Opening Width: 35"
Opening Height: 28"
Empire Fireplace in White Carrara Marble PC-L1  Empire
White Carrara Marble
Width: 65"
Height: 49"
Opening Width: 36"
Opening Height: 28-1/2"
Baroque PF-50 fireplace carved in Onyx PF-50 Baroque Onyx
Onyx del Pescatore
Width: 61"
Height: 52"
Opening Width: 40-1/2"
Opening Height: 31"
Massive scroll legs create a dramatic effect to this fireplace EC-P2 Lion Scroll
Honed Botticino marble
Width: 72"
Height: 47"
Opening Width: 36"
Opening Height: 30"
(Note: this fireplace has been delivered but has not been installed yet.)
Massive scroll legs create a dramatic effect to this fireplace EC-P2 Lion Scroll
Filled Roman Travertine
Width: 90"
Height: 67"
Opening Width: 60"
Opening Height: 43"
English fireplace is light Portuguese limestone PE-14 English Scroll Legs
Portuguese Limestone
Width: 94"
Height: 66"
Opening Width: 64"
Opening Height: 41"
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Please note: Some of these fireplaces are our standard designs, others are custom pieces. They can be carved to order in other types of marble and sizes.

View some examples of the range of available marble on our marble sample page. (note: that page will load slowly, allow it time to display fully).

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The Large Baroque 50 is installed in a project designed by LAF Interiors, Conroe, TX
The Acanthus Arabescato is in a home by Pappageorge Haymes, Ltd.,  Architects