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Installed examples of our hand carved fireplaces

Here is a selection of our fireplaces which have been installed in private residences around the United States.

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view an enlarged photo of that particular fireplace style.
Double acanthus leg fireplace LC-D1 Double Acanthus Leg Fireplace
Statuario and Broccatello Siena Marble
Width: 98"
Height: 61"
Opening Width: 47"
Opening Height: 31"
Beautiful marble fireplace

Detail of hand carving

LF-08 Baroque Nouveaux
Lightly veined white statuary
Width: 65"
Height: 47"
Opening Width: 36"
Opening Height: 29"
You can also see this model on the French page
Click the small photo at the left to see the detail of the ornate hand carving.
Louix XIV cream marble fireplace MF-19   Louis XIV
Crema Marfil Marble
Width: 65"
Height: 52"
Opening Width: 36"
Opening Height: 32"
You can also see this model on the French page
Green marble fireplace MF-19   Louis XIV
Verde Guatemala Marble
Width: 65"
Height: 46"
Opening Width: 35"
Opening Height: 31"
Louis XV ornate fireplace LF-S1 LF-S2   Ornate Louis XV
Statuary marble with Emperador inner surround
Width: 79"
Height: 59"
Opening Width: 42"
Opening Height: 39-1/2"
Acanthus English Renaissance LR-05   Acanthus English Renaissance
Antiqued White Marble
Width: 59"
Height: 43"
Opening Width: 37"
Opening Height: 34"
18th C. Adams Style Fireplace EE-18   18th C. Adam Style
Bardiglio Marble
Width: 88"
Height: 51"
Opening Width: 44"
Opening Height: 39"
You can also see this model on the English page
Double acanthus leg fireplace LC-D2   Geneva
Statuary marble with Broccatello panel
Width: 66"
Height: 54"
Opening Width: 42"
Opening Height: 29"
Delicate Baroque Fireplace with flowers MF-N5   Baroque N5
Lightly veined statuary marble
Width: 57-1/4"
Height: 42-1/2"
Opening Width: 37-1/2"
Opening Height: 32"

You can also see this model on the French page
Simple arched English Georgian fireplace WC-02   Arch with Key
Mocha Cream Portuguese Limestone
Width: 83"
Height: 54"
Opening Width: 48"
Opening Height: 36"

More of our installed fireplaces: Page 2

Please note:
Some of these fireplaces are our standard designs, others are custom pieces. They can be carved to order in other types of marble and sizes.

View some examples of the range of available marble on our marble sample page. (note: that page will load slowly, allow it time to display fully).
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The Baroque Nouveaux and Louis XIV are installed in a vintage condo designed by ASI Interiors, Chicago.