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Fireplace Styles - English
Click on any of the thumbnail images below to view an enlarged photo of that particular fireplace style.

Marble is a natural and timeless material. Variations in the tone and pattern give it its beauty. While every monitor displays colors differently, we have made these photos as accurate as possible.

18th C. Adam Style - Bardiglio EE-18  18th C. Adam Style
Bardiglio Marble
Width: 88"
Height: 51"
Opening Width: 44"
Opening Height: 39"

English Acanthus in White Carrara marble ME-44

ME-44  English Acanthus
White Carrara Marble
Width 57"
Height: 43-1/4"
Opening Width: 37-3/8"
Opening Height: 32-1/4"
Classical Acanthus - Bianco Venato
LE-02  Classical Acanthus
Veined Carrara White
Width: 59"
Height: 44-1/2"
Opening Width: 37-3/4"
Opening Height: 37-3/4"
English Arched - Lightly Veined Statuary Marble LE-31 LE-31  English Arched
Lightly veined white statuary
Width: 62"
Height: 46-1/2"
Opening Width: 31-1/2"
Opening Height: 28-1/2"
English Arched Acanthus - Rosso Porfirico Noce LE-34 LE-34  English Arched Acanthus
Rosso Porfirico Noce
Width: 62"
Height: 44-1/2"
Opening Width: 30-3/4"
Opening Height: 29-3/4"
Hercules - Breccia Antica di Siena LE-16  Hercules
Breccia Antica di Siena
Width: 67-1/2"
Height: 47-1/2"
Opening Width: 31-1/2"
Opening Height: 31-1/2"
Scroll Bracket Deco - Broccatello LE-DC  Scroll Bracket Deco
Broccatello di Siena Marble
Width: 58-5/8"
Height: 47"
Opening Width: 34-1/4"
Opening Height: 33"

Please note: These fireplaces are currently available (subject to prior sale) in the marble and dimensions listed. They can also be carved to order in other types of marble and sizes.

View some examples of the range of available marble on our marble sample page. (note: that page will load slowly, allow it time to display fully).

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